My name is Åshild, I am 32 years old and I come from Norway. Currently I live in Australia and I am here to take a bachelor degree in Communication and Media Studies. My major is International Media & Communication and I also do a minor in Digital Media & Communication.

This blog is to be looked upon as a portfolio, created during my time here at the University. The blog will discuss many different issues occurring in the media, thoughts regarding the digital world, some reflections upon politics and probably much more.

Feel free to comment on my posts, it is a discussion after all and feedback is always appreciated. I am not a fan of criticism although I welcome a good portion of critique if it is headed in my direction.

  1. Målfrid Heien Førde says:

    Hei. Så flott med denne bloggen. Skal lese og prøve å sette meg inn i det du skriv om.


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